Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Blog?

After reading and following many blogs for a few months now I have decided to make my grand return to blogging. I used to blog all through junior high and high school back when blogs were just coming around starting in 2001. It is so strange to go back and read my posts from 10 years ago! So after much deliberation (trying to figure out what I could blog about) I have decided to start up again.

I am in a weird age right now- I am out of college and I am supposed to be "grown up". I am trying to make my way through this time of in between so I figured I could just write about my day to day, etc. The idea of being a "southern lady" has always been intriguing to me, but kind of a joke as well- do these people really exist? I have always dreamed of cooking and baking and sewing and having my own matching furniture- even having a vegetable garden. So I attempt to do these things as a "southern lady" and "grown up" would do- sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't.

Case in point..I have a small vegetable garden in my backyard that my boyfriend planted- I mainly just look at it and tell him what I want growing in there- so far I haven't had much part in the actual work of it :-) So far we had lettuce, kale, greens, broccoli, onions, and we are currently growing asparagus. It is funny because as we plant this stuff we have no idea what it is going to look like. As the broccoli was growing, every day we would peer over it trying to decide where the broccoli would pop out. Today I was outside looking at the asparagus that was growing- we planted those from seeds, not seedlings, so it is a real mystery what it will look like- I was standing over it and asked John if it would just grow individually or make a bunch all of a sudden.
The one lonely asparagus will it turn into a bunch or just a stalk at a time?

It is super tall!

Part of the garden- lettuce, bell peppers, and strawberries... I think


blueberry bush that I got for Valentine's day

blackberry bush- not really a bush yet more like a sprig

first successful flower of spring!I had bought tulips last year around easter and transpanted them into a pot on the porch- of course they soon died and I forgot what was in there. This year I had a "mystery" plant growing and it turned out to be the tulips. I was really excited!

This is my front little flower bed- it has herbs, a daffodil, gerber daisies, and mainly mystery flowers and stuff planted from last year- I get excited and buy pretty flowers and seeds and then forget what they are called- hopefully in the next few weeks this garden will be packed full of pretty blooming flowers.

My guard dog, Sunni

Mardi Gras is officially over- so sad to take down my wreath. This was the first wreath I made- expensive, but a lot of fun!

I picked up the a one pot dinner cooking magazine and tonight I made an awesome turkey meatball dinner- I will post the recipe and pictures tomorrow.

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