Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beautiful Louisiana

On Sunday, John David, PJ, Eleanor, and I took the boat out on the Tchefuncte River- the boat launch is a couple of blocks down the street from my house and it runs all the way to Lake Ponchartrain. Here are some pictures of why I love Louisiana.

It looks kind of gloomy in this picture, but this is where the Tchefuncte meets Lake Ponchartrain- a lot of boats stop at this beach to swim. Behind the beach is  marshy/swamp land.

Barnacles on the washed up tire

I cut my foot on a barnacle collected drift wood with Eleanor.. staph infection here I come

PJ decided to try the cast net out

On his second cast he caught a Bass! I think we were looking for crawfish... needless to say this was the only thing we caught except sticks

so proud

After we cruised the river we had a cook out :-)

and played cornhole


  1. I love your pictures of the swamps. One of the the things I miss about Louisiana is the beauty of the swamps

  2. What the heck is cornhole, haha? Do you throw corn in the hole? Is this a dumb question?

    grown up rachel