Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday

Happy Monday ya'll! Mondays are generally a rough start for me so I decided that Mondays would be Music Mondays. I will be sharing some past and current favorite songs. It is nice to hear some old comfort songs on rough days :-)

High school favorite: Drive Away- All American Rejects
I have such fond memories of riding with friends singing this song at the top of our lungs :-)

College favorite: Sugarcane- Missy Higgins
I listened to Missy (we were on a first name basis) on repeat for months my senior year of college

Current favorite: Sweet Southern Moon- The Benjy Davis Project
Benjy Davis is a Louisiana artist that has made it national- he tours all over the country and is definitely worth listening to. I had given Benjy a little break, but with the warm weather I decided to start back up again- I love love love this song. He has released 2 albums since this one, but still a great song. It was actually used for the Abita Beer commercial. Enjoy!

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