Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is here

well officially not until Sunday, but it definitely feels like it. One of my favorite things about the beginning of spring (besides cute sundresses and the delivery of girl scout cookies) is the wisteria blooming. I have this big viney canopy woods thing behind my backyard fence which gets covered in wisteria! Here is the beginnings of it in my yard..

The downside to spring's arrival is my allergies are terrible. Even with Claritin today I couldn't stop sneezing and my nose couldn't decide if it was stopped up or runny. I have severe conjestion Afrin nose spray, but it is so addicting- I just got weened off of it again so I am hesitant to start that up again.

In other news I cannot find my camera charger anywhere! I am sure that I have used it since we went to Virginia for Christmas and I think I remember putting it "somewhere I'd be able to find it again".. well not so much. I need to find it pronto because John David and I got 4 tickets from my dad's company to Chef Soiree this Sunday. It is a big fundraiser that a lot of local restaurants participate in and is always a great time. We are giving our other 2 tickets to our double date friends, PJ and Eleanor- I want my camera so we can take some pictures of notable food :-) Eleanor and I always have a good time being "food snobs" and critiquing the places we go so this will be a fun opportunity.

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