Thursday, March 17, 2011

some favorite things

Today I got a new water bottle that I had been looking at for a while now. It is called the Bobble- it directly filters the water as you drink and the filter/mouth piece lasts for 2 months or 300 refills and then you just buy a new filter top. I also love it because it is made in the US and made of recycled BPA free plastic :-)

Tonight after I cooked this for dinner- which was absolutely delicious- definitely a keeper recipe! Anyway after dinner John David and I went to Menchies. I was deep down hoping that they would have pistachio flavored yogurt since it is green and it is St Patrick's day- but no. My yogurt was still really good! I went a little overboard on the toppings: cherries, snowcaps, gummi bears, chocolate covered almonds, and peanut butter cups on top of pecan praline and chocolate vanilla swirl yogurt. Yum!

I absolutely love Menchies- if you haven't been to one it is definitely worth trying. It is a self serve yogurt bar that you can mix and match flavors and toppings. They get you because it is priced by weight. The only thing I don't like about them is that they change the flavors so sometimes they don't have what I am looking for. They always have a dairy free option and a healthy "sour" yogurt flavor.

My third favorite thing for tonight is dark chocolate covered Peeps. I usually am not a fan of Peeps- I always liked the idea of them, but they were just too sweet, but the chocolate covered ones aren't as sugary. I stopped in Walgreens on the way home and had to pick one of these up.

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