Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

Glitter nail polish
My whole life I have always loved glitter- if you get me a glitter birthday card I will love you forever- I have Sinful Colors glitter nail polish in 3 colors from Walgreens

Neutrogena face lotion with sunscreen and a light tint

I recently realized my face lotion didn't have any spf- so I switched to this- I love the light tint too because let's face it, I'm pale.

My Nook Color

I love this thing because I can get magazines subscriptions on it and they are way cheaper than buying them in the store. I only hate that you can't see it in the sun- I bought this in the winter so I wasn't thinking about sunny days- and also here in Southern Louisiana there won't be many more days that it will be bearable to sit outside for any length of time so my purchase is justified.

petit fours and cupcakes

I love these!!

Reality TV (I can't help it)

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