Wednesday, March 23, 2011

addicted to caffeine

I lost the battle this morning and had to cave in and drink a coke. (not an actual coke- a diet mountain dew- here in the south we call all soft drinks coke and then you say what kind and then you clarify- yes it's a waste of time not just saying what you want in the first place but you know..)

In January and February the faculty in my school did a biggest loser weight loss challenge I weaned myself off of regular cokes and started drinking diet. I never thought that day would come. With a combination of sugar free drinks and weight watchers I lost 8 lbs! So since the challenge I try to only drink one caffeinated drink per day and I drink it at lunch which is something to look forward to- today I couldn't make it even to 8:00. Total fail.

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  1. Haha. I love finding someone else that says "coke" for everything. I did a dialect vlog awhile back and people were so confused that I said coke for all soft drinks.