Sunday, March 20, 2011

One week.

Today is my one week blogaversary! I didn't want to let it go by without sharing my thoughts on being back in the blog world..

I had been following a few blogs for a couple of months now and it was something I looked forward to reading, but I wasn't sure if I would enjoy personally blogging again (I had a blog throughout junior high and high school) there is something daunting about clicking a button and sending your thoughts off into cyberspace. Contrary to my original thoughts on it I am loving it so much, and I look forward to each new post I can make. I feel like it has made me live with my eyes open a bit more and appreciate moments because I look for them so I can share them here :-) I also feel a little more free- you see, I went off to college 14 hours away from home- I was there for 4 years. Yes, I came home in the summers but it still felt like a visit. After college the job market was so horrible in North Carolina for teachers that I came back to Louisiana. I love everything about Louisiana, but I wanted to live here because I knew that is where I wanted to live not because it was all I ever knew- if that makes sense. So I spread my wings and went to school in NC- I came back to Louisiana because I chose it- so that makes me happy.

After a natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina) and four years of living out of state things are definitely not the same around here- which is fine, but it has taken some adjustment being back. I went from having all of my friends within 5 minutes of my apartment in college =- now my friends from home and from college are all spread over the country. None of my close friends live here any more so it has been difficult socially. This blog has made me feel like "me" again- you know how they say women have so many thousand words to use a day? I'm sure as a teacher I use all of my words, but it is nice to get to use my words in this outlet too!

So to sum up the rambles- new blog= good for Casey- I am kind of re-finding myself- and that makes me a happier person- not that I wasn't happy in the first place- just more happy.

Anyway- I am happy to be a blogger again!

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