Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The glorious cake balls!

If you have never had these- you are seriously missing out. Sorry this picture is so small. My students love these, they are delicious! Whenever I think about how awesome they are I forget what a pain they are to make. They aren't difficult, but there are a lot of steps.

To make them you bake a regular sheet cake- whatever flavor you want- I've heard that the red velvet works well, I prefer strawberry cake. Once your cake has cooled crumble it up in a mixing bowl and add 1/2 - 2/3 of a can of store bought frosting. I used vanilla or cream cheese frosting with the strawberry cake. Mix it up until it looks like a dough ball. Be careful here not to add too much frosting- they won't set if they are too wet. Once your dough ball is formed roll them into inch balls and place in the freezer for a few minutes.

Here comes the tricky part: I have had a lot of trouble with white almond bark because it is easy to over heat it and then it dries out and won't dip. You can use candy melts or almond bark- melt them in mugs. Mugs work best because they are more deep than wide. Lower each ball on a spoon into the chocolate. Once they are dipped try to tap off any excess chocolate before placing on wax paper to dry. If you want them on a stick quickly dip a candy stick into the chocolate first then insert into the ball- if you do them on the stick they need to dry in a styrofoam block.

Strawberry cake pops (this one fell off the stick) They were supposed to look like cupcakes, but that was a disaster.

Cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting for Mardi Gras cake balls- see how the white chocolate didn't cooperate?

I am still perfecting my method because mine look more drippy than smooth- go to http://www.bakerella.com/ for all of her ideas. I want to make some easter ones.

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