Friday, March 25, 2011

6 weird ways my brain works

1. I have a crazy good memory- I can remember being under 2 years old and can accurately describe the condo my dad lived in down to the plant under the stairs, bathtub toys, and the layout of the kitchen- I normally win bets on what year such and such happened

2. I never have to use a planner- I can almost see time in my head- each day looks different as well as each hour- so if I am trying to remember what I am doing next Wednesday I can flip to what Wednesdays look like in my head and search down to the time slot and see what is going on

3. Each year looks different in my head- it isn't really a color, but it is abstract- age 2 looks different than age 5

4. I can hear a song and tell you what season and what year it came out- while I was in school I sorted them by what grade I was in Ex: Sisco- Thong Song- Summer of 2000, Outkast- Shake it like a polaroid picture- Fall/Winter of 11th grade

5. I don't have to use a calendar- I can normally tell you what day of the week a future date will be- up to a few months

6. If I ever knew your phone number by heart I probably still know it.. I can remember my best friend from 1st grade's number

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