Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend recap (mainly photos)

This weekend I visited my mom, sister, and grandmother in Mississippi. They live a little over an hour away from me so I try to go visit for a weekend atleast once a month.

Grandmama pushed Sunni around like this and "walked her" for a long time- ridiculous I know.. she does this with her cat a lot

that is my blind grandmother's bb gun in the background..

in my mom's backyard

these are some of my distant relatives- the graves are going to get fixed

2 children

my great great great great grandfather- Joseph Catching

I caught Sunni drinking out of my cup so I helped her out- I didn't drink out of it any more.. for the record

We went out to our camp on the Bogue Chitto River and Love Creek

Sunni crossing

her crossing on a log on a deep part- I took a picture because I thought it was a little "Homeward Bound -esque"

Pretty woods that I couldn't capture with my camera

I love wild flowers- these are on the side of the hill by our camp. In North Carolina they have "The Wild Flower Project" and they are planted on the side of the interstate. I always want to stop and take pictures on the side of the road- I love them

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  1. You can't say something like, "that is my blind grandmother's bb gun in the background" and not explain further.