Thursday, April 28, 2011

untitled so far

So the other day I asked my boyfriend if he reads my blog:

JD- Sometimes I do, most of the time I don't
Me- Why wouldn't you read it all the time???
JD- Well most of the time I don't care to read about baking or Sunni or couponing and I'm there for the rest of it.. I don't need to live my life twice- once in real life then again online

Boys.. Okay so he has a point and I am sure ya'll are all tired of my coupon escapades, but I am afraid to say that I'm just getting started folks! Like I said in my last post, I've spend the last few days working on couponing.. tomorrow is the big day. I couponed through all of my favorite shows tonight and I finally have a list made with mostly things I normally buy! (go me right?!) So I will let ya'll know tomorrow how it went. An encouraging thing I learned tonight about couponing is that all of the coupon websites reset at the beginning of the new month so there will be new internet coupons to clip in a few days :-)

In other news I am not waking up at 4 am to watch the royal wedding.. I have been spoiled with DVR for the past 12 years so I hardly ever watch anything live because I hate not being able to fast forward.. so I will be getting my beauty rest and I have maxed out the DVR recording every show/channel imaginable.. mostly the TODAY Show back to back and then I have 2 channels recording the actual procession. I always have loved Prince William and I think their story is just so cute.. it kind of gave me hope since she was just a normal girl that lived in his dorm.. haha. I wish I were doing something fancy tomorrow to celebrate.. if I had kids I would plan a big royal tea party or something fun.. or if my friends from college lived around here I would make them come to my big royal tea party. I considered making scones tonight so I could have them for breakfast tomorrow while I watch the wedding festivities, but I am not sure that I have the energy after all of the couponing stress. Have ya'll seen the T Mobile wedding spoof? It is a play off of a popular wedding dance youtube video

What are ya'lls thoughts/feelings on the royal wedding?

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