Sunday, April 10, 2011

one question.

I would like to ask the cake gods why when I need a cake to come out in one piece for prettyness to be a cake that is presented, that it always.. and i mean always breaks or doesn't come out of the pan in one piece. But when I make cake to make cake balls, the cake always comes out in one beautiful piece with no problems at all.

See what I mean??

This is all I needed them for.. to make cake crumbles

This is as far as I got today- I always think I want to make cake balls and then I start and there are so many steps that I get burned out before they are done

Pictured below are some cake balls that I had frozen a while back and I finished dipping them last week. Luckily they freeze well on the stick and taste good once they are defrosted and candy coated 

My plan is to decorate the cake balls I am working on now like Easter eggs.. just who knows when it will get finished

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