Monday, April 4, 2011

my grandmother's gun

So I mentioned my grandmother's gun in the background in my last post. Sarah commented and said "You can't say something like, "that is my blind grandmother's bb gun in the background" and not explain further." It really deserves it's own post so here it is...

My grandmother grew up out in the country and has always had a gun. I actually learned to shoot from her when I was really little- we would shoot coffee cans and leaves over the lake. Over the last almost 10 years my grandmother has developed macular degeneration and is legally blind- she is losing color and detail by the day. She has always kept her bb gun by the back door- she shoots random animals that won't get off of her property, etc. (this is the South) One time my mom and I were standing in the back yard and a pack of dogs came running through and they were chasing one of our cats- so my grandmother grabs her gun and starts to shoot at them. My mom started screaming at her "Mother you are blind!!" Grandmama responded "It's okay I shoot from the hip!" Nevermind there were people and our animals in the yard too and she can't tell what is what.

Her old gun had broken and my uncle took it to his house to fix it and it never came back.. during a weak moment my mom and I decide that we should get her another one for Christmas. Hey.. at 83 there aren't many more things you want and we knew it would make her happy even if she is blind and really really shouldn't be shooting a gun out her back door anymore these days..

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  1. A. I'm proud to make a reference in one of your blogs. B. This will be you in 60 years. C. "It's okay I shoot from the hip." Best. Quote. Ever.