Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pizza Bellas

Last night I made these wonderful Pizza Bellas that I saw Hungry Girl make on a morning show. I have one of her cookbooks and LOVE it! These little pizzas are only 118 calories a piece! Can't beat that :-)

Here's what you need- large portabella mushroom caps, turkey pepperoni, tomato sauce, light string cheese, italian seasoning, green pepper

Cut off the stems and chop the stem (save it for later)

Place caps on greased cookie sheet- Bake on 400 for 8 minutes while chopping other ingredients

For 2-3 caps
Chop 2 cheese sticks, 8 pepperonis, 1/4 green pepper, mushroom stems

Spread sauce on the caps after you drain off excess mushroom juice

top with toppings and sprinkle with italian seasoning
Bake 10 more minutes on 400


If you don't like mushrooms you can serve these on eggplant instead

1 comment:

  1. They look delicious but I think that's just too much mushroom for me and it'd be too much eggplant too. I like both but in small quantities. Still, it looks delicious! I'll just have a couple bites :)