Wednesday, April 13, 2011

update on the garden

The garden is making a lot of progress! I'm a little too impatient for gardening, so I am excited to actually see some strawberries and green peppers growing. All of the plants are blooming pretty flowers so I guess it is a good sign that  produce is on its way...


zucchini and squash

the front flower bed is 1/2 herbs- they are growing out of control!


basil that is getting eaten by bugs, but now I have a soap water spray thing for it


out of control parsley..  I think I might transplant this into a pot

rosemary.. my favorite

watch dog

I got these cute wire dragonfly plant decorators at a street art show

squash and zucchini flowering.. they were more bloomy this morning

yayyyyyy bell pepper!

this is what the asparagus looks like right now.. still waiting for it to "look like" asparagus

flowering raspberry bush


flowering cucumber

see the little strawberry?!

Sorry the blog has been lagging lately, I promise I'll get back to it soon! For now here is a cute video of my roomate's dog, Bane, and his new trick

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