Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess that this makes me so so happy- like all is right in the world...

I confess that my favorite smell is of the inside of library books- the kind with the crinkly clear plastic cover over the cover and the glossy smooth pages.

I confess that when I am driving I am constantly looking for car patterns.. red red blue. Or if I am driving on a multi-lane highway I *might*  *most of the time* cut off cars so that I can complete the pattern (if there is a blue car and a red car behind it in one lane and then next to that there is a red car.. I speed up to be the blue car behind it)

I confess that when my students are sitting at my table working on math my OCD flairs up and I constantly correct them on how to line up their problems.

I confess that these songs speak to my soul. I can't help but feel this way and I know it sounds crazy.. just listen or read the lyrics.

Okay that is all.. maybe I'll remember to do confessions again next Friday

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