Thursday, May 12, 2011

the best thing I ever ate

Have you ever seen that show? I think it comes on Food Network (maybe?). I love the idea, but I just can't watch it. It seems to come on late at night and it makes me hungry and then cranky because I have no possibility of having that food or getting it any time soon.

I love food and I love going out to eat- so I am starting a new series on here called "the best thing I ever ate".. there will be no rhyme or reason- this isn't a Thursday only series.. I just take pictures of food I like and then I'll post it :-)

We have a new restaurant in town called Chimes- we have eaten there a few times, but in general I LOVEEEE oysters and it is understood that if there is bread pudding on a dessert menu- I always get it.

chargrilled oysters- this was my last dozen because they are out of season and milky now

huge hunk of bread pudding that served our table of 4

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  1. Love this idea! I know what you mean about watching shows like that late at night, haha! We used to watch Food Network at night time, but had to quit 'cause we were always eating along with the show! :P

    Will look forward to seeing more best things posts. :)