Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Most Delicious Thing I Have Ever Made (recently at least)

I'm back!!

I kind of took an unofficial break from blogging over the summer break. School is starting back in a week and I am back at the blog!

I had a very eventful summer and I plan on sharing some pictures from my summer trips in some future blogs. :-)

 subscribe to on my facebook account and I have gotten a lot of great ideas from them- everything I have made from that site has turned out great.

This week they featured Smores Candy Bars- I was inspired and headed out to Hobby Lobby to buy candy molds

These were actually pretty simple and worth a try- I'll give you a few shortcuts- that I figured out the hard way

All you need is chocolate chips- I used chocolate melting chocolate from the candy mold section, graham crackers, and marshmallow cream

I learned a new trick when I watched the video on how to make these- how to temper chocolate. This technique solves all of my chocolate problems.
I used one cup of chips at a time and had to make a few batches- maybe 4ish? Can't remember

Okay so you need 2 glass bowls- one to heat in and one to pour into. Heat the chocolate for 15 seconds a time and stop and stir. With my new fancy microwave I thnk I only needed to do 3 rounds.

Here is the tempering part- since you heated the chocolate in short bits and stirred along the way it heated evenly and didn't burn. So once its melted through, pour it into the second (room temperature) bowl. Then let it sit for a minute or so before you use it. This lets it cool down a bit.

Tempering your chocolate does a few things- first it makes it not burn- but the candy bar benefits are that it makes it shiny and smooth looking, it allows it to harden, and once it is harden it does that satisfying candy "snap" when you break it. Life changing stuff right?!

Next I poured the tempered chocolate into the mold- you don't need a lot just coat the edges.
***tip*** I did not spray these with cooking spray and they were a little hard to get out- so it wouldn't hurt to spray these first.
Let the chocolate set until hardish.

This isn't a necessary step- really just created more dirty dishes in my opinion, but I'll throw it in. If you want the toasted marshmallow flavor put your marshmallow cream under the broiler.

Be super super careful that you don't burn it. You have to do a few rounds of this so you brown it then stir it.. over and over. Like I said, I only did this once.

 Once the chocolate is set spread a thin layer of marshmallow over the chocolate.

top with graham crackers.

then top with more chocolate- put these in the fridge for 15-20 minutes until hard

I tried them in peanut butter cup molds too- these were a lot easier to get out of the mold and they were prettier in the end

Next time I am going to put the cups straight in the mold so I can pull them right out 

These turned out so delicious!!! Candy making is not as daunting as it seems- these were so simple.

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  1. Welcome back!! And these little desserts look super delicious!