Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I mentioned this in my blog yesterday, but as my roommate Susie was walking her dog yesterday she found these kittens in someone's driveway. She knocked on the man's door and asked him if he knew that there were kittens in his driveway. These are not weened away from their mama kittens, these are week and a half old babies whose eyes just opened. The man said they had wandered up a few days before and he had been giving them milk. We knew this was a total lie because they wouldn't have shown up without their mama because they could barely walk. Also they would not have survived without her for more than a few hours outside especially in the heat. It sickens me that someone would just leave these babies who don't have any chance of independent survival outside- where you could hear them crying blocks away.. I don't know how that man could sit in his house listening to them cry outside.

Susie works for the humane society so we will be able to foster the bottle babies or find a foster, and the kittens will get everything they need as far as vet services and other supplies, so I am very blessed to have that connection!

Bane was bathing them for us- that's why that one's head is wet.

I didn't realize it until recently, but one of my spiritual gifts is compassion. I have always had a heart for animals, but this spiritual gift comes through to humans too :-) The reason I didn't realize that this was one of my spiritual gifts until recently was just because I didn't realize other people weren't as compassionate as me.. if that makes sense. I am in the perfect line of work for this gift because I have to use it everyday working with the students that I do. I work with students who have learning disabilities or need additional support in the classroom like clarification, accountability, and organization.  I love my students, and I want to nurture them as much as I can and help them succeed. I am excited to see what God has in store for me as he helps me gain skills and experience in this gift!

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